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why coaching?

As a kid, my mom used to sign me up for pretty much every activity under the sun. Some I loved and some I hated, like piano lessons. Sorry mom.


Basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, drawing, you name it...they all had something in common. 

A coach. 

Someone to guide me, teach me, and show me the ways to success. 

This continued into playing rugby and basketball as an adult, and even now as a Jiu Jitsu white belt. 

The one place where the coaching was scarce was in life itself. 

I became aware of all my Nice Guy traits, and hired a coach to help. I was tired of living a life that seemed to be just cruising by. I was tired of not following through with my word; my word to others but also my word to myself. 

I was tired of being the Lone Wolf. 

I was tired of being a Nice Guy. 

I was tired of feeling unfulfilled. 

I was tired of keeping all of my emotions locked inside. 

I was tired of not having any goals for what I actually wanted in life. 

It wasn't easy. It took some courage and an ego check. But when I took those steps, there was one question I asked myself, 


If you're ready to take the steps to light the fire within, and forge a new you from the flames, then take the step. 

Get in touch. 

Thanks for taking the leap. I'll be in touch soon.