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why coaching?

As a kid, my mom used to sign me up for pretty much every activity under the sun. Some I loved and some I hated, like piano lessons. Sorry mom.


Basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, drawing, you name it...they all had something in common. 

A coach. 

Someone to guide me, teach me, and show me the ways to success. 

This continued into playing rugby and basketball as an adult, and even now as a Jiu Jitsu white belt. 

The one place where the coaching was scarce was in life itself. 

I became aware of all my Nice Guy traits, and hired a coach to help. I was tired of living a life that seemed to be just cruising by. I was tired of not following through with my word; my word to others but also my word to myself. 

I was tired of being the Lone Wolf. 

I was tired of being a Nice Guy. 

I was tired of feeling unfulfilled. 

I was tired of keeping all of my emotions locked inside. 

I was tired of not having any goals for what I actually wanted in life. 

It wasn't easy. It took some courage and an ego check. But when I took those steps, there was one question I asked myself, 


If you're ready to take the steps to light the fire within, and forge a new you from the flames, then take the step. 

Get in touch. 

Thanks for taking the leap. I'll be in touch soon.


  • 8 One-to-one coaching sessions, via Zoom, to help kick those Nice Guy ...
  • Connect with like-minded men in an online group coaching setting.


Alex held a couple of sessions with me. I had a few topics to discuss with him. Petty quickly he found 'the red thread' that I didn't know existed. Quite soon he found some exercises for me to do, trying to solve my issues. It went surprisingly quick and it was easy for him to help me on the way.

Steve, USA

While working with Alex, I realized that mini wins add up to real change. He helped me break down big goals into small steps and celebrated every win. With his guidance, I now believe I can do anything. He empowered me to make positive changes and I'm grateful for his guidance. I'd recommend Alex as a coach to anyone! 

Jason, canada

Alex's relaxed and confident demeanour throughout our sessions were very refreshing. Almost immediately I was put at ease, which allowed me to open up fully and effectively get at what i needed to in order to make the progress i was looking for. His valuable advice and humour created the perfect space for coaching. Overall, it was a very positive experience!

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